Thursday, 26 March 2015

[Doujinshi] Akakuro Doujinshi

Anime/Manga: Kuroko no Basuke

1) Sex Drug Experiment with Akashi Seijurou [PIXIV]
2) Light & Dark [PIXIV]

Pairing: Akashi Seijurou x Kuroko Tetsuya
Date of Issue: August and December 2012
Language: Japanese
Rate: (1)R18/(2)All Ages
Price: $8
Note and Summary for (2): Consists of two parts; Light and Dark. Light is about how everybody is pampering Kuroko like a baby of the team and it makes Akashi jealous somehow. Dark is about the complicated interaction between Akashi and Kuroko as Kuroko wanted to drift away from the team.

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